Free Business Startup Clinic​s

For Startups and New Businesses

Answer all your questions about starting a new business

About the Clinics

If you’ve already launched your business, or you’re still in the process of starting one, this event is for you.

Our Free Business Startup Clinics convene regularly to provide new and existing business owners a space to ask questions and get answers about all the key areas of running a business.

With an experienced startup coach on hand, this event is designed so you can ask as many questions as desired about your business and get proper answers.

With a short presentation to start the session, and an extended Q&A to ask your questions, you’ll have lots of time to resolve any uncertainties about running a business.

As an interactive group event, you’ll be invited to share a bit about your own business, and contribute your own thoughts and insights to others.

At the end of the Free Business Startup Clinic, you should have clarity about what you need to do next to move your business forward successfully.


The upcoming session will be hosted by Patrick Lauruol (startup & business coach).

Patrick Lauruol

Patrick has been supporting people to start and grow their businesses since 2013.

As the founder and lead startup advisor for Pirate Startups, Patrick helps people to get up and running in their business

His work focuses on helping people to start and grow their business.

Based in Lancaster, UK, Patrick works with clients across the globe.

Clinic Format

  1. Welcome & introduction
  2. Presentation – “Taking Your Business Online”
  3. Q&A

The mini-presentation acts as a conversation starter to draw out any thoughts or questions you may have about starting and growing your your business.

The remainder of the session is available for you to ask questions and get answers about the various issues you face in your business today.

How Long Does Each Clinic Last?

1 hour

Each session is split between a mini-presentation, followed by a 45 minute Q&A session.

After the presentation, the remainder of the time is available to respond to your questions about your business.

You are welcome to leave early if required for any reason.

Upcoming Clinics:

The next clinic will be held at the following date and time:

Thursday 7th April 2022

Start Time:
7pm (GMT)

End Time:
8pm (GTM)

How Much Does it Cost?

This session, and all Free Business Startup Clinics are free to attend.

The clinics are offered at no charge so everyone can participate.

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Additional Notes:

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Do you have a Question Before the Clinic?

If you have any thoughts or questions you would like to discuss before the event, please contact Patrick Lauruol | Startup & Growth Coach